Vivagro, pioneering agroecological programmes and the Physioprotech approach

Vivagro designs innovative bio-based products to nourish, stimulate, protect and strengthen crops, while safeguarding the environment, farmers and consumers.

Vivagro has created the “Physioprotech” approach, born out of its research and development.It not only offers bio-based formulations, but also has a global agronomic outlook, incorporating diagnostics, consultancy consolidated by using DMT (decision-making tools), and complementary natural solutions.

Vivagro’s “Physioprotech” approach involves supporting plants throughout their life cycle. This approach helps keeps plants healthy, while guaranteeing balanced growth and improved defences (against fungal diseases and pests).

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Our 3 product ranges are designed to complement each other and meet all plant needs

Since its inception, Vivagro has offered innovative solutions with the sole aim of: nourishing, stimulating, protecting and strengthening crops, while safeguarding the environment, farmers and consumers, and facing the challenges of high quality production.

Our mineral, botanical and microbial formulations make it possible to devise comprehensive crop plans, incorporating 3 product ranges which interact with each other. Our ranges reflect our expertise in the field, both in terms of crops and good practices.

Three complementary ranges

to meet all plant needs

Protecting crops naturally

Our bio-based products aim to offer lasting crop protection against diseases and pests with a sustainable, organic profile that is an alternative to synthetic inputs.

Better performance

Our adjuvants improve the effectiveness of herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and growth regulators, while limiting their environmental impact.

Improve nutrition and stimulate plant physiological function

Our nutrition products improve the nutrient balance of plants. Biostimulants stimulate natural processes promoting the absorption and use of nutrients, the ability to withstand abiotic stress, and crop quality.

Our support for your crops

Each crop is unique and each farmer encounters different issues. Climate, diseases, nature of the soil ...

Our experts are at your disposal to help you find solutions that are 100% adapted to your crops.



BASF and Vivagro jointly distribute the biological fungicide and insecticide Essen’ciel

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