Vivagro's headquarters is based in Martillac (France).

Vivagro, the expert in agroecological solutions

Vivagro designs innovative bio-based products to nourish, stimulate, protect and strengthen crops, while safeguarding the environment, farmers and consumers.

Vivagro, an independent French business focused on agroecology

Vivagro was created in 2007 near Bordeaux, and has been located in Martillac (Gironde) since 2015. The company is 100% owned by its two managing partners, Fabrice Lemarchand and Bent Hojland Petersen. These committed, passionate specialists in the field of plant protection, adjuvants and nutrition, with more than 30 years of experience, joined forces to achieve a common goal : develop alternative solutions to “blanket chemicals” as part of a sustainable, agroecological approach.

Vivagro designs and markets natural-origin bio-based formulations designed to meet the expectations of farmers and agricultural industries.

Vivagro has been developing mineral, botanical and microbial solutions since its inception. These formulations make it possible to devise crop plans, incorporating 3 product ranges which interact with each other. This approach to the overall crop system is one of Vivagro’s strengths, made possible due to the high quality products in its 3 ranges :

Vivagro pays particular attention to its brands, which have now gained recognition on the market. Marketing is based on national distribution networks (cooperatives and businesses), together with key partners for export.

Vivagro, an innovative company investing in research and development

Vivagro operates in the agricultural sector which is having to deal with profound social and regulatory changes.

Since the beginning, Vivagro’s founders have been committed to creating innovative and sustainable alternatives for production based on a new model.

Adopting more responsible farming methods is now a vital concern for everyone. Since its inception, Vivagro has embraced a responsible, agroecological approach, offering natural and effective solutions which not only guarantee income for farmers, but also meet the challenge of HEV (high environmental value) production.

In its concern for nature and ecological balance, Vivagro meets both the needs of users and consumer demands, through an approach in keeping with environmental policies.

Vivagro brings together in-house expertise and solid partnerships which make it possible to provide innovative solutions and prospects in all markets: field crops and specialty crops.

Vivagro has therefore relied on extensive investment in R&D (Research and Development) since its inception. This investment increases each year to build and consolidate the integration process for its products, step by step. This process also involves support measures, with a view to facilitating the use of its 3 complementary ranges.

Vivagro has gained recognition for its core competencies, which allows it to share its agroecological strategy more readily. It has thus received awards in recognition of its contributions.

Vivagro works with its partners in researching into and formulating high quality solutions. The solutions discovered are then tested in the laboratory or in situ, through tests on micro-plots, before being validated by technical partners.

Vivagro thus constructs and implements programmes (in-house and with partners) to achieve a “zero residue” target, while guaranteeing quality products.


Vivagro, pioneering agroecological programmes and the Physioprotech approach

Born out of research and development, Vivagro’s “Physioprotech” approach not only offers bio-based formulations, but also has a global agronomic outlook, incorporating diagnostics, consultancy consolidated by using DMT (decision-making tools), and complementary natural solutions.

Vivagro’s “Physioprotech” approach involves supporting plants throughout their life cycle. This approach helps keeps plants healthy, while guaranteeing balanced growth and improved defences (against fungal diseases and pests).

The Physioprotech approach also helps increase crop value :

  • The treatments are optimised, which reduces losses in the environment
  • Crops have a higher nutrient balance and are more effectively protected, which promotes superior harvest quality and higher yield.
  • The bio-based solutions used are part of a “zero residueprogramme, thus protecting the crop environment.

Stimulate plant metabolism

Reduced plant sensitivity

Stimulate plant defenses

Strengthen abiotic stress resistance

Improves soil

Improves microbial activity

Improves root development

Improves nutrient uptake

of pest

Reduces plant’s palatability to insects

Helps prevent pest destruction

Mechanical protection

Mechanical reinforcement

Vivagro, a trail-blazer in the Physioprotech approach, has developed these 3 ranges with support measures to meet the needs of plants and enhance crop value:

The Biocontrol & Protection range : An effective and responsible protection

The Adjuvant range optimises treatment effectiveness.

The Nutrition & Biostimulation range improves the plant nutrient balance and physiological function

Vivagro, paying attention to farmersneeds and enhancing crop value

Owing to its research and its Physioprotech approach, Vivagro is committed to meeting farmers’ needs by offering tailored support for :

  • Alternative or complementary solutions to synthetic plant protection products, which may be used for organic, integrated or conventional crops.
  • Effective solutions which guarantee harvest quality and quantity.
  • Responsible solutions which support agricultural practices protecting both farmers, consumers and the environment.

Since its inception, Vivagro has been offering technical guidance to farmers, to optimise the use of its products and allied products, so as to enhance treatment effectiveness and thus control plant pests and diseases more effectively.

Vivagro, a rapidly expanding company, both in France and on an international scale

Vivagro’s currently owes its success to several factors :

Technical expertise based on a wealth of experience and knowledge of the market and its needs.
– A horizontal management model which supports a continuous innovative approach, by promoting true cohesion and solidarity within the team.
– A solid team which takes charge of all essential operations within the company (technical, regulatory, commercial, logistics, financial, administrative, PR and marketing aspects).
– Major investment in R&D which contributes to the continuous creation of innovative, ecological solutions, protecting both the environment and consumers.
– Close, dependable relations with all partners in the sector.
– Direct communication with the users in order to set up specific programs for their crops and to ensure the proper implementation of the strategy.

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From an international perspective, Vivagro has been exporting its products for several years. Vivagro is currently consolidating its strategy for reaching new markets. Alan East and Alan Petersen, Vivagros export managers, are giving new impetus to international operations thanks to their expertise in the market.

Our support for your crops

Each crop is unique and each farmer encounters different issues. Climate, diseases, nature of the soil ...

Our experts are at your disposal to help you find solutions that are 100% adapted to your crops.



BASF and Vivagro jointly distribute the biological fungicide and insecticide Essen’ciel

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An independent French business focused on agroecology

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