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Fieldor Max 3L

Product key points


Fieldor Max is a multifunctional botanical-origin adjuvant containing ethoxylated triglycerides, highly effective on herbicide, insecticide and fungicide sprays, all crops.

Fieldor Max is multifunctional, it has 6 out of the 7 properties of an adjuvant :

1) Fieldor Max improves mix quality :

It is an outstanding emulsifier which promotes even mixing of the spray in limiting conditions (little water, mixing several preparations or at low temperatures). It also limits foaming.

2) Fieldor Max improves spray quality :

It increases droplet weight, which reduces drift phenomena.

3) Fieldor Max improves retention :

It reduces droplet bounce, which promotes retention by the target.

4) Fieldor Max improves penetration :

It increases the speed of absorption and translocation of systemic or translaminar active substances : essential for plants with limited wetting capacity and in low humidity conditions.

5) Fieldor Max reduces wash-off :

It promotes better adhesion to the plant for contact products during rain or heavy dew.

6) Fieldor Max improves spread :

It makes for good spread and distribution of the mix on the plant, especially the hard-to-reach parts (spikes, clusters and fruit, upright parts, tight foliage).

Fieldor Max is an essential partner for optimising your herbicide, fungicide and insecticide treatments.



Pour plus d’information, réferrez-vous à l’étiquette, la fiche technique ou la FDS (Fiche de Données de Sécurité) ou contactez Vivagro.

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BASF and Vivagro jointly distribute the biological fungicide and insecticide Essen’ciel

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