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Product key points

  • An action mode by contact with shock effect
  • Drying up soft bodies insects and fungal diseases
  • Integrates into programs like anti-mildew and powdery mildew
  • Exemption from MRL and PHI


Essen’ciel, a biocontrol product containing orange oil, is approved for organic use. It is approved as a fungicide, insecticide and acaricide for 88 uses in France (grape vines, vegetable crops, berries, tropical crops, ornamental crops, industrial crops, arboriculture, etc.). It is included on the list of biocontrol plant protection products.

It is a contact curative treatment with a unique mode of action : it desiccates soft-bodied insects and the aerial organs of pathological fungi. This product has a quick knock-down effect and eradicates disease, perfectly complementing preventive protection.

Furthermore, it is a useful partner in resistance management, owing to its action on multiple sites. Essen’ciel is compatible with the presence of other products and is a perfect addition to integrated biological control (IBC) programmes.

Essen’ciel is one of Vivagro’s core products. It received the Gold Sival award for innovation in 2011. It has been approved for 42 uses since 2012, and 88 uses since November 2017.

Essen’ciel is sprayed onto dry foliage, allowing a 7-day interval between 2 applications. It is a simple solution, owing to an ideal formulation and minor regulatory obligations :

• Easy to spread
• MRL (maximum residue limits) : exempt.
• Re-entry time : 24 hours.
• PHI (pre-harvest interval): 1 day.
• Buffer zone: 5 m on all crops, except for arboriculture: 20 m.

Autorisation : Please check that the product is registered in your country or please contact us.

Existing packaging

Essen’ciel - 5L

Essen’ciel - 1L

Our support for your crops

Each crop is unique and each farmer encounters different issues. Climate, diseases, nature of the soil ...

Our experts are at your disposal to help you find solutions that are 100% adapted to your crops.



BASF and Vivagro jointly distribute the biological fungicide and insecticide Essen’ciel

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