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The crops concerned:

Field crops
Market gardening

Product key points

  • Contributes to the physioprotect strategy and resistance to abiotic stresses
  • Improves flowering and flower longevity
  • Optimizes photosynthesis
  • Improves the both crop quality and yield


Tiyati’s mode of action :

In foliar application, Tiyati stimulates pollen production and improves flowering :

• Tiyati maximizes pollen quality : Tiyati increases the production of pollen grains, whilst improving their vigor, lifespan and adhesion to stigmas.
Tiyati optimizes the assimilation, transport and binding of Calcium, as well as the storage of energy (carbohydrates and lipids), thus improving the quality and quantity of pollen produced.

• Tiyati ensures optimal fertilization : By mobilizing calcium in the flowers’ reproductive organs such as the Style, Tiyati maximizes pollen germination and ensures optimum formation of the pollen tube.

• Tiyati optimizes photosynthesis : Tiyati increases the chlorophyll content of leaves, which is essential for photosynthesis. This provides extra energy which is essential for flowering and the overall growth of the plant, and resulting in both an increase in biomass and yield.

• Tiyati improves the nutritional balance of the plant : Tiyati improves the uptake of nutrients from the soil and thereby improves the concentration of sugars in storage organs.

Tiyati ensures the production of high quality pollen, in quantity, and optimal floral development. The reproductive organs of the plant being less sensitive to abiotic stresses, they ensure a better yield.




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BASF and Vivagro jointly distribute the biological fungicide and insecticide Essen’ciel

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