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The crops concerned:

Market gardening

Product key points

  • Contributes to the Physioprotech strategy.
  • Stimulates photosynthesis and biosynthesis.
  • Stimulates the assimilation and improves the mobility of macro and trace elements.
  • Strengthens resistance to abiotic stress.


Haneia is a foliar fertilizer based on plant extracts and unique patented Silitek technology.

Following foliar application, Haneia stimulates the plant’s physiological characteristics :

1) Promotes nutritional balance and stimulates photosynthesis and biosynthesis.
2) Strengthens cell walls and plasma membranes, thereby building healthier, stronger plant structures.
3) Stimulates plant’s immune system and improves resilience to abiotic stress.

Result : Haneia improves harvest quantity and quality.

For more information, refer to the label, technical data sheet or MSDS (material safety data sheet), or contact Vivagro.

Our support for your crops

Each crop is unique and each farmer encounters different issues. Climate, diseases, nature of the soil ...

Our experts are at your disposal to help you find solutions that are 100% adapted to your crops.



BASF and Vivagro jointly distribute the biological fungicide and insecticide Essen’ciel

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